Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Color Roses to Send on Valentine's Day?

When you send flowers this Valentine's Day, send more than beautiful blossoms.  Send a message from your heart.  The rose is a perfect choice for expressing your deepest feelings.  The language of color has a long history of tradition.  Here are the most widely recognized meanings associated with each rose color:

  • RED roses are a symbol of love, the perfect way to say "I love you."
  • WHITE roses symbolize purity or any occasion celebrating a new beginning.
  • YELLOW roses embody everlasting friendship more than anything else--best friends, new friends, or old friends.
  • ORANGE roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire; a burning love unlike red or white roses which mean love and pure love, respectively.
  • PURPLE or LAVENDER roses are just right for love at first sight.  Purple has long been associated with passion, luxury, which makes this rose's color just right for expressing all the enchantment that only new love delivers.
  • PINK roses have the most diver meanings today.  Admiration, appreciation, joy, thanks; roses in any shade of pink say it all.
  • PEACH roses are sent to communicate sincerity and gratitude.  They're idea for business gifts or as gifts for Teacher's Day, for example.

Remember, you are not just sending flowers when you choose to send roses.  You are sending a message and the color rose you decide on will greatly impact that message.

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