Friday, August 31, 2007

Shoe Pick of the Week: Tango Too by Coloriffics

Sassy and sophisticated, the Tango Too by Coloriffics is perfect for a wedding or special occasion. This satin dyeable baby-doll shoe stands 2-1/2" high and special features include unique rectangular rhinestone buckles and a comfortable round toe.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridal Shoes (Part 3)

In my previous posts, I gave you five tips for choosing the perfect bridal shoes. Today, I will give you the last five common-sense rules to use when shopping for those wedding-day slippers.

Spend Within Your Budget

Set aside a reasonable amount in your budget for good-fitting bridal shoes. It is not necessary to buy a pair of shoes because they have a tag on them that says "designer bridal shoes" or "wedding shoes straight from Paris."

There are many types of white shoes that will look lovely with your white dress. You may find that you will need to spend more than you had originally budgeted to get the correct size or proper fit, but do not spend the whole savings account on designer bridal shoes if you are not in a position to do so.

Do Not Make Shoes the Focal Point in the Ensemble

Shoes are not the focal point of the wedding day. You, the person, are important and your shoes do not need to upstage you and your dress.

Your dress have been chosen very carefully, and if the dress is ornate, you will not want your shoes to clash with your dress. Choose shoes that compliment your dress and are simpler in design. If your wedding gown is long, elegant and plain, you may finish it off with a lovely pair of pearls or beautiful brocades. If you are wearing a shorter styler wedding dress, then very elaborate or fancy shoes may work nicely.

Do Not "Make Do"

You should not settle for a pair of bridal shoes because it is only for one day. You will never be happy with those shoes, and all of a sudden you will become self-conscious and the shoes will become your focal point. The bridal shoes that you choose should fit you nicely, accentuate your dress and make you feel good about yourself.

Buy the Correct Size

Do not assume that because every pair of running shoes you wear is a size 8 that you buy a size 8 when purchasing your bridal shoes. The size that fits you is the size you buy.

Sizes vary depending on the shoe manufacturer, and the only way to truly know your size is to try them on. When buying bridal shoes online, read the store's return policy to make sure that you can return shoes that do not fit properly. You may want to order more than one size so that you can determine which size is the better fit, then return the bridal shoes that do not fit after the wedding.

Do Not Buy Shoes at the Last Minute

Do not buy shoes at the last minute, or you will invariably choose the wrong shoes. By buying in advance, you will be able to correctly ascertain whether the shoe is comfortable enough and is the proper fit. Also, by buying at the last minute, you run the risk of your favorite bridal shoes being out of stock or on backorder for several months. Then you will have to settle for whatever is available.

Plan ahead and buy your bridal shoes as soon as you have your gown picked out. Trust me, you don't want to be stressing out over your shoes the day before your wedding day!

A couple of final words on choosing bridal shoes:
  • When purchasing shoes in the store, be sure to shop in the afternoon. Your feet tend to swell and become their real size late in the day, so this is when you need to be trying on shoes. Likewise, if you purchase shoes online, wait until late in the day to try them on to determine if they are the proper fit.
  • In the event that you don't think your bridal shoes will make it through both the wedding and reception, buy a second pair of shoes to change into after the ceremony. I would recommend a pair of platform flip-flops that are approximately the same height as your bridal shoes so that your wedding gown doesn't drag the floor during the reception. However, you could also choose a pair of ballet flats or sneakers and bustle your dress.

I hope you have found these tips to be helpful!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridal Shoes (Part 2)

Last time, I talked about the first of ten tips to consider when choosing the perfect pair of bridal shoes which was to buy bridal shoes that are comfortable. Today, here a few more suggestions:

Choose Shoes That Compliment Your Figure and Legs

When looking for bridal shoes, pick shoes that compliment your figure and especially your legs. Shorter, stouter brides may not want to wear flat-footed shoes as these types of shoes make the leg look even wider.

If your dress is long and covers the foot area, then a slipper-type shoe may not make any difference, but if you are wearing a shorter-style dress, you will want your legs to look long and elegant. Choosing a shoe that lengthens your leg will give you an air of grace.

Pick Shoes That Can Be Worn After Your Wedding Day

If at all possible, look for bridal shoes that you might be able to use after the wedding ceremony. If the shoes are dyeable, you may have another special occasion to attend, and the shoes can be dyed to wear for that event as well. Depending on the type of job you have, you may even be able to wear the shoes to work.

Buy Shoes To Which You Are Accustomed

This point is extremely important. If you have never worn four-inch heels, then do not decide on your wedding day that four-inch stilettos are the perfect match for you. Not only will this be uncomfortable, but it may also be outright dangerous as you may twist an ankle or fall and break a bone.

Remember that you will be walking down the aisle and all eyes will be focused on you. You do not want to be stumbling the whole way through.

Buy Shoes Appropriate For You

Know your foot shape before choosing shoes. For example, if you have a wider foot, then a pointy-toed bridal shoe is not a perfect choice for you. You need the breadth of a wider shoe and perhaps a pump or square-toed shoe will be best suited to your shape. If you have a callous on your heel and cannot wear shoes that are closed at the back, then only look at shoes that are slingback styling.

Whatever your feet require, search only for the type of shoe that best fits your feet. Then you will not make the mistake of choosing inappropriate bridal shoes.

Next time, I will finish up with the last five tips for choosing the perfect bridal shoes.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bridal Shoes (Part 1)

Shoes are always a difficult purchase. Choosing the size, the comfort, the color, and the style are enough to drive any sane person crazy. Now, add to that the stress of purchasing a special pair of shoes, your beautiful bridal shoes, and you have a monumental event!

When choosing bridal shoes for your special day, the most important point to remember is to use common sense and not emotions. To help make that decision a little easier, I've put together a list of 10 common sense tips that you should remember when shopping for those perfect little wedding day slippers.

Here is the first tip:

Buy Bridal Shoes That Are Comfortable

Because you will most likely wear new bridal shoes, it is important that they are comfortable. You could be spending hours on your feet by the time you walk down the aisle, pose for photographs, stand in the receiving line, cut the cake, and dance the first dance with your beloved.

When you try on the bridal shoes, make sure you walk around on a rug and take notice of any areas that pinch your feet or wear on a toe or part of your foot. Chances are that if the shoes are not comfortable in a certain spot when you try them on, they will not be comfortable when you wear them for the day.

Once you take the shoes home, you should try to make them more comfortable by wearing them around the house. Do not spoil them by wearing them outside. Wear the shoes a little more every day, gearing yourself up to several hours at a time. Make sure in advance that the shoes are going to make it through the whole wedding day.

Tomorrow, I will talk about more tips for choosing the perfect bridal shoes.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wedding Postage Stamps: A Unique Way to Personalize Your Invitations

Are you looking for a unique way to personalize your Save the Date announcements or Wedding Invitations? With PhotoStamps you can turn your own digital photos into real US postage! Create yours today.

A great idea is to use a photo of the engaged couple for the STD's or Wedding Invitations and a photo of the new bride and groom for the Thank-You notes.

Another place to shop for wedding postage stamps is at Here you will find beautiful galleries by several artists with stamps that contain monograms, stamps for each month of the year, and stamps with love quotes. All have stunning photography and graphics.

An important tip to note when using customized wedding postage stamps: ask your postmaster to hand-cancel your mail rather than running through the machine so that the stamps won't be damaged by the black marks from the machine. Most post offices will do this if you ask.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Shoe Pick of the Week: Coloriffics "Desire"

Our best-seller this summer has been "Desire" by Coloriffics. Judging from the way they keep selling out from the manufacturer, they must be one of the must-have styles this season.

Coloriffics Desire is currently available in dyeable white satin, ivory, and silver. Beginning in September, they will be available in black. Ivory is extremely hard to find as the manufacturer has them on back-order until October, and very few stores have them in stock from what I have been told (we only have size 7.5 in stock). I have several brides who have purchased the white satin and are having them dyed ivory which is a great idea if you need them before October.

Special features you might like are the elastic in the heel for greater comfort and the rhinestone accent on the pleated vamp.

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Budget Fashionista August Weekend Contests

This August, The Budget Fashionista fashion blog is launching weekend contests, featuring prize packages worth over $500 in value. Starting this weekend, visitors who leave a comment on the blog from 12:01am Friday to 11:59pm Sunday, as well as their email addresses, will be automatically entered to win that weekend's

Here's some of the great contests they have planned:
  • A Dooney & Burke Travel Bag filled with the latest releases from hot indie label Defend music, tons of beauty products, and lots of other goodies
  • Two $250 gift certificates to accessories store Angela Moore
  • A bra wardrobe from Playtex

To enter, visit The Budget ( every weekend in August.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Royal Wedding Shoes

A summer exhibition at Buckingham Palace commemorates the Queen's wedding to Prince Philip 60 years ago. Edward Rayne made these satin bridal shoes for Elizabeth to wear on her wedding day. Who knew? I would have expected a more conservative closed-toe pump for the festive occasion!

To see the Royal Wedding Dress or Russian Fringe Tiara, or for information on booking a ticket to see the exhibit in person, there is information at the following link: Buckingham Palace: A Royal Wedding

Wednesday, August 1, 2007 August WedWorthy Giveaway

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