Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Men's Elevator Shoes by Don's Footwear

Men's elevator shoes are growing in popularity for weddings and other special occasions, and Wedding Party Shoes is pleased to announce the addition of height-increasing shoes by Don's Footwear.  Don's high-end elevator shoes increase your height by 2.6" - 3.2" and are handmade from Grade A full-grain leather and superior materials.

Giving the impression of any other shoe, the buildup is under the insole and hidden in the heel of the shoe while the front-end brace remains at a lower level, increasing your height, your stature, and your presence.

Brides, you will also love these shoes as you will now be able to wear your stylish high-heel bridal shoes and not tower over your groom!

Check out these elevator shoes at Wedding Party Shoes today.

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