Sunday, October 7, 2007

Choosing a Wedding Handbag or Bridal Purse

You might wonder why a bride would carry a purse. Doesn't she carry a bouquet of flowers? You're right, but the wedding day is an important day in a woman's life and as all women know, she never goes anywhere without her purse!

Functionally speaking, the reason a bride and/or her bridesmaids might carry a wedding handbag is to carry personal necessities such as tissues, lipstick, personal hygiene items, mints, hairbrush and comb. She will want to freshen up before the pictures are taken and also at the reception.

Wedding handbags are part of the bride's ensemble. Purses are an accessory that need to match the total look and complement the other accessories such as the bridal shoes, wedding gloves, veils and tiaras.

For some brides, the handbag may meet the requirement of "something old". Fancy, ornate purses from grandma's era may look lovely with the bride's gown and accessories. Also, if the "something old" is jewelry or a family heirloom keepsake, the bride will need somewhere special to keep the item during the day. Her handbag will be the perfect place.

Wedding handbags come in various styles and colors. Most come in the standard white or ivory while others can be dyed to match the wedding dress or veil ribbons. Bridal handbags come in clutches, moneybags, knapsack style for informal weddings, shoulder straps and little square lunch box style purses.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Bridal Handbag

  1. How big does the purse need to be? How many items do you need to carry in the purse?
  2. Does the handbag match the dress material? The overall appearance of the bride will look much more elegant if the materials are the same.
  3. Do the adornments of the bag match the shoes? Try to keep the embellishments the same. For instance, if your dress and shoes have pearls, try to stay away from rhinestones.
  4. Does the handbag match the theme of your ensemble? If you are wearing a vintage gown, purses are available from that time period. If your wedding is taking place on the beach, knapsack-style bags are appropriate.
  5. Does the bride like the purse? She should try and choose a purse that she likes so it can be used again after the wedding.
  6. Does the handbag match the veil or dress ribbon? Some veils now have a ribbon of a different color along the edge of the veil. Likewise, colored wedding dress ribbons for the waist are becoming popular. Matching the color of the bag to these ribbons would be an elegant complement.
  7. Will pictures be taken with the purse? If not, then the exact color or perfect style may not make a difference.
Some brides may choose not to match their wedding gown and accessories but rather purchase a wedding handbag to match their going-away outfit. For a bride on a strict budget, this may be a better solution as she can use the handbag throughout the honeymoon as well.

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