Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Shoe Pick of the Week: Coloriffics "Desire"

Our best-seller this summer has been "Desire" by Coloriffics. Judging from the way they keep selling out from the manufacturer, they must be one of the must-have styles this season.

Coloriffics Desire is currently available in dyeable white satin, ivory, and silver. Beginning in September, they will be available in black. Ivory is extremely hard to find as the manufacturer has them on back-order until October, and very few stores have them in stock from what I have been told (we only have size 7.5 in stock). I have several brides who have purchased the white satin and are having them dyed ivory which is a great idea if you need them before October.

Special features you might like are the elastic in the heel for greater comfort and the rhinestone accent on the pleated vamp.

Visit our site to view the complete Coloriffics Desire product description.

1 comment:

selva said...

wow this slippers is really good,this white shoe with high heals make me some more high in the society..This is very much different from my Joseph seibel products..Thanks for it.....